Colored Concrete

Concrete is ideal for driveways, walks, patios, floors, walls and structural applications. Available everywhere, concrete is so common and used for so many things it’s just taken for granted it only comes in one color. Davis Colors™ mix right in to transform ordinary concrete into structures that stand out or pavement that blends in. They’re strong, durable and last as long as the concrete. Installation is cleaner and easier than toppings, stains or coatings and requires less labor. There are premium colors which are bold and intense, standard colors that add less than a dollar per square foot, and subtle shades for any budget. As the leading producer of colors for concrete since 1952, we offer the widest spectrum available. The hardest thing  about colored concrete may be deciding what color you want.  Below is a link to the color chart of available colors.  Please note the color number when ordering colored concrete.


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“This ain't no quick-crete... PLT rocks! Rock-solid!”
by K. Rock Romeo Trailers

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