PLT Concrete Services, Inc. was founded in 2000 by a few concrete and construction professionals seeking a more customer oriented approach to a demanding service industry.  Having been exposed to how “not” to do it, we decided to approach each customer on the basis of – how I would want to be treated as a customer.  We offer a far superior mix (just ask the guys who finish it), timely service (where on the way is not lingo for “yeah, whatever” but really means – on the way), an actual plant manager/dispatcher on premises (not in some office watching a computer tell them when a truck is available), ACI and NCDOT trained and certified personnel (Quality Assurance is a top priority), ready to give you…”The Best Concrete and Customer Service in Town”

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“What value! What service! What concrete!

Incredibly professional and courteous service... if you need concrete poured, hire PLT!”
by Jack Johnson Brushfire International

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